About The Omaha Connect Ride


The Omaha Connect Ride

An Idea that was fostered in 2018

Let’s create an event for cyclists as a way to “Connect” them with CBMC.

The CBMC has hosted a Golf Tournament for several years, and Pat Mueller, an avid cyclist, thought perhaps there might be a way to do something similar for the cycling community.

There are a number of charity rides throughout Nebraska, so what could a ride connected with the CBMC offer that was different than other rides in the area?

One of the special features of the CBMC  Golf Tournament is a guest speaker that can bring a unique perspective to the event and tie it into his or her fatih. That is the foundation for the Omaha Connect Ride. Not only to have a ride to raise money for a good cause, but also to inspire area cyclists with a dynamic speaker before the ride.

It was not originally called the Omaha Connect Ride. The original concept name was “Omaha Bike Tour.” Jeff Quandt, another cyclist and marketer, joined the committee, and developed several new names. Among the three the committee selected “Omaha Connect Ride” as being the best.

“Connect” comes from the last “C” in CBMC which stands for “Connection.” The ride connects “Cycling with Networking  among the cyclists, and an Inspiring speaker is featured before the ride.”

Omaha Connect Ride features:
  • Inspirational speaker
  • Jersey included in registration
  • Breakfast included before ride
  • Meal included after the ride
  • Bountiful SAG stops
  • Directional Signage throughout the routes
  • Music after the ride
  • Charitable fundraiser


The Committee

It takes a team to pull off an event like the Omaha Connect Ride





  • John Reimer – CBMC Area Director
  • Pat Mueller – Chairman
  • Tyler Bird – Charity
  • Jennie Clements – Registration
  • Doug Denson – SAG Support
  • Scott Fletcher – SAG Stops
  • Lincoln Murdoch – Speakers
  • Larry Ortegren – Charity
  • Jeff Quandt – Marketing
  • Kendi Seaman – Registration